Mental Health Care

for First Responders

Everyone deserves access to quality mental health care.
Alli Connect's technology platform improves the mental health of your employees. Intelligent matching to therapists who understand your unique needs and digital tools at your finger tips.

Mental Health Technology
That Works  

Access to mental health care services is difficult for first responders. As a result, getting into care is often delayed until there is a crisis. 
Unaddressed mental health concerns like depression, anxiety and PTSD cost departments thousands, and sometimes millions, of dollars per year in overtime, medical expenses, and higher insurance premiums.
Alli Connect can help!

Mental Health Resources and Tools for First Responders

Alli Connect solves for the largest mental health challenge in your department: access to care and success in treatment.

Access to Care

We know that it can be difficult to find the right mental health care provider, especially as a first responder. That's why we have made it our mission to connect you with the best mental health care providers who have experience working with first responders. Our network of providers is extensive and includes licensed therapists who are experts in the field.

Success in Treatment

Success in treatment is also critical for first responders. That's why we are committed to supporting your members in staying in treatment to achieve positive outcomes. Our technology and VIP service ensures that no one ‘slips through the cracks’. 

Our technology creates a single solution for your department's mental health care needs. 

Peer support teams and MHPs are a great first line of support, but they can’t do everything.

Alli Connect’s platform is customized to meet the unique needs of your team, providing an easy and confidential way for everyone on your team to get connected with the mental health care they need and deserve.